Thursday, June 21, 2012

PicMonkey Saves the Day!

Have you ever heard of the site, PicMonkey? I've been playing around on it lately whilst editing my wedding pictures, and oh my goodness, I am in love! It is so cool! It can do ANYTHING! Think of it as an Instagram-type program for your computer. There are so many different effects/touch ups/borders, etc. that you can use--you've really must check it out.
Take this picture for example. I love the way that Bean (story on that later) is smiling at me, but I don't really like that you can see so many other people/things in the picture. I want us to be the focal point, and not everyone/thing else in the shot. Plus, the lighting is off and the whole thing looks a little washed out.

PicMonkey to the rescue! I played around with the effects, cropped it, blurred the edges, and sharpened yours truly--all in about 5 minutes. Look at it now:

I feel so artsy! Since I'm now addicted to this website, I decided I should put my time-wasting abilities to good use and I created the image for our Thank You cards.

We had about a million pictures of us doing cake-y things, so I decided to use them all! I edited them in PicMonkey, used one of the available templates, and added the text, "Thank you for being so SWEET!" (Get it??? Sweet. Cake. Ha! It took a bit for Bean to put it together...) I love how it turned out--it really pulled the whole vintage theme together. Ahhhhh...Oh, and it was free. :)

I'm using Snapfish to create the actual cards, and I'm super excited because I found a 20% cash back coupon via Ebates! WINNER!

PS--See the wreath? I made it myself! Out of falling apart books in my classroom! Maybe I will get brave/smart enough to do a tutorial on that soon...My wreath is ginormous, but I think a smaller one would be perfect for a classroom door. Maybe with a ribbon and READ letters glued on? Hmmm...

Happy day!

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  1. I LOVE I stumbled upon it on accident and have been in love with it ever since! Beautiful pictures.